Our Menu

Kalpitiya is the ideal place to indulge in your favourite sea food where the range stretches from lagoon crabs, sea crabs, giant prawns to squid.


The villa is offered either on a self- catering basis or on a full board basis.

The menu comprises of traditional Sri Lankan culinary made in an authentic style which will keep your

taste buds tantalized.


Price per person for 3 meals is Rs. 1,500.

Breakfast options

Option 1: - String Hoppers with any one curry of (Fish, Beef or Chicken) Dhal curry, egg curry and Pol Sambol.

Option 2: - Toasted Bread with Egg (Scrambled / Boiled) or Omelet and Sausages.

Option 3: - Chicken or Mixed Seafood Noodles.

Lunch options

Option 1: - Rice, three vegetables with crabs and chicken together with a salad.

Option 2: - Rice, three vegetables with beef and pork together with a salad.

Option 3: - Rice, three vegetables with prawns and eggs together with a salad.

Dinner options

Option 1: - Bread with devilled dry fish, Pol Sambol and a curry.

Option 2: - Rice with 2 vegetables together with one curry (cuttlefish, prawn, chicken or pork).

Option 3: - Noodles with one curry (cuttlefish, prawn, chicken or pork) and boiled vegetables / salad.

Please note

Guests are kindly requested to give at least 2 days prior notice to arrange their choice of vegetables,

seafood and meat items. All items are subject to availability based on the season of the year.

Kalpitiya has evolved into a destination renowned for dolphin watching, kite boarding, snorkeling and fishing. Keen Scuba divers and Snorkelers can explore the extensive shallow offshore coral banks  found along the Kalpitiya peninsular which is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish where more than 500 species have been identified.The Bar reef located off the coast is one of the largest.Adventurous guests who are keen on any of these activities can have excursions arranged with prior notification