Kalpitiya has become internationally renowned for Kitesurfing due to the ideal wind conditions.Between May to October, a growing number of kitesurfers flock to Kalpitiya to glide and ride the waters of the sea and surrounding lagoons where the wind blows between 20 to 30 knots.

Kalpitiya which initially took centre stage in the tourism map of Sri Lanka due to visitors being able to watch dolphins in their live habitats has become equally renowned for the ideal conditions it offers for Kitesurfing.

Kalpitiya has over 6 kite schools which provide varied offerings to beginners as well as professionals in the sport.


Some of these kite schools offer kitesurfing equipment as well as packaged training programmes for Kitesurfing enthusiasts who are either just taking up the sport or wish to sharpen their Kitesurfing skills further.

The 2 main points for kitsurfing in Kalpitiya are the Sethawadiya and Kapaladi lagoons. The former is about 12 kilometers from Villa 17 while the latter is only 5 kilometers away from Villa 17.

For Kitesurfers who are keen on visiting both these points will find Villa 17 located strategically to provide a commute without much hassle.

Kalpitiya has evolved into a destination renowned for dolphin watching, kite boarding, snorkeling and fishing. Keen Scuba divers and Snorkelers can explore the extensive shallow offshore coral banks  found along the Kalpitiya peninsular which is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish where more than 500 species have been identified.The Bar reef located off the coast is one of the largest.Adventurous guests who are keen on any of these activities can have excursions arranged with prior notification